About the Theme of the Festival

Catchy phrase

Passion for what you "love"

As students at Waseda, and through all generations, we have committed ourselves to pursuing our passion and things we "love."

Each of us has each unique things to "love." (Hence the quotations in the catchy phrase) There are as many things to "love" at Waseda, as the number of us here. And there are as many things to be passionate about if there are so many things to "love" here.

Discovering what we "love" and committing to each of our unique passions has therefore become the style of Waseda students overtime. And such style continues to live as bright as it was in any other generations.

Wasedasai 2018 aims to promote such style and the festival filled with passion better than ever.


Wasedasai 2018 Logo

Having something to "love" is what makes ignites you passion.

The two hearts symbolize the "love" which comes together to form a fire that ignites our passion. The fire is yellow, seeking to convey happiness.

The edges of the hearts resemble the Japanese quotation mark (「」). The content of 「love」 is unique from person to person.

We hope you would visit Wasedasai 2018 to discover what you 「love」.

Message from the Representative

At any point in history, people at Waseda has met, chased, and put in passion to what they 「love」.

Being dubbed as chaotic, diverse, or free at times, such culture of Waseda stands upon everyone’s passion.

Wasedasai 2018 is when all these passions proudly come together to form the most energetic festival in Japan.

Please witness the best of Waseda students pursing what they 「love」.

We sincerely look forward to seeing you in November under the deep blue sky.

The Representative of WASEDASAI Management Staff
OISHI Makoto
OISHI Makoto