Facility Information

Here is the Campus Map that shows the facilities on campus during WASEDASAI 2018.

Campus Map

Information Booths

There are Information booths around each gate on campus, in the courtyard at Toyama Campus, and in front of the Statue of Okuma. Staff at the booth hands out the Official Pamphlets and also gives various information to you. If there are any inquiries during the festival, please come to the booths at any time.

WASEDASAI Guide Center

Live Streaming of the performance on Okuma Auditorium Stage will be held in this center. You can also get a variety of information about WASEDASAI. Please feel free to stop by.

Venue / Time

Waseda Campus W Space 7-3, First (Ground) Floor, Bldg. 7.

10:00–17:00(Live Streaming ends at 16:40)

Official Merchandise Stand

At the stand, you can purchase the WASEDASAI 2018 Official Merchandise. For keeping a memory of visiting WASEDASAI 2018.

Venue / Time

Waseda Campus Lounge, Second Floor, Bldg. 11
Toyama Campus Lounge, Second Floor, Bldg. 36



Cloakroom service is available for free for the visitors who come from the far area or find it difficult to carry large baggage during the festival.
You can also contact us via email and ask about cloakroom. nimotsu@wasedasai.net

Venue / Time

Waseda Campus W Space 7-7, First (Ground) Floor, Bldg. 7

10:00–16:00 (Pick up your items before 16:30)

Special Assistance Room

This is the room for all visitors who may need special assistance. We also have a Special Assistance Map which contains the tactile map and simply visualized information about programs and food stands.

Venue / Time

Waseda Campus Classroom B105, Bldg. 8


Resting Room

There are many resting rooms both inside and outside the building on campus. Please feel free to use those areas to have a rest, eat foods or drink beverages.
Please use the Campus Map to find the nearest rest area.


Please follow the rules below on campus during the festival in order to fully enjoy WASEDASAI 2018.

Smoking in designated area only.

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.
Designated smoking areas are shown on the Campus Map.

Campus Map

Waseda Campus

  • Basement Floor, Bldg. 6
  • Outside, Bldg. 11
  • Outside, Bldg. 1
  • Next to Okuma Kaikan (Bldg. 20)
  • Next to the Central Library (Bldg. 18)

Toyama Campus

  • Outside, Bldg. 34

No Alcohol beverages allowed

Alcohol beverages are entirely prohibited on campus. Entering the campus while you are drunk and bringing in the alcohols to campus are also prohibited.

No Pets Allowed

Please do not enter the campus with pets except guide dogs. Bringing in the pets is only allowed when the pets are fully kept in the crates.

Bring all the trash to the Eco Stations

Please take your trash with you and bring it to the nearest Eco Station. Please follow the instruction there and separate your trash into 9 categories.

Official Survey (in Japanese)

We have prepared a prize in the survey room for the visitors taking an official survey.
Please answer the quick official survey for the further development of WASEDASAI.

Venue / Time

Waseda Campus Lounge, Second Floor, Bldg. 11
Toyama Campus Lounge, Second Floor, Bldg. 36


2 ways to take a survey.

  1. FIll in the survey sheet inside the official pamphlet and submit at the survey room.
  2. Complete the survey on WASEDASI 2018 Official LINE@ and show the last page of the survey at the survey.


In case you have a question or problem

Please feel free to ask the official staff wearing a dark red jacket on campus. You can also come to the information booths and get further information.

Lost Child

In case your children got lost during the festival or you find the lost child, please ask the staff wearing a dark red jacket or come directly to the information booths.

Lost and Found

If you have lost or found property, please come to the nearest information booths.
You can also contact us via e-mail and ask about the lost property.

Injury and Illness

There are first aid kits at each information booths.
You can also visit Health Support Center, Waseda University.
Please feel free to ask the nearest staff wearing a dark red jacket.

Special Assistance

We are dedicated to offering a positive experience and memory for all visitors at WASEDASAI 2018. If you need special assistance, please ask the nearest official staff wearing a dark red jacket or come to the Special Assistance Room, Classroom B105, Building 8, WASEDA Campus.

Efforts for a barrier-free festival (JA)

Audience Area in front of Okuma Auditorium (Okuma-kodo-mae) Stage

The audience area in front of the Okuma Auditorium Stage is divided into two, area A and B. You cannot walk across two areas, so please get into the area from the right entrance.
Please follow the instruction given by official staff wearing a dark red jacket.

If you want to re-enter the campus, please use East Gate or Side Gate.